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Not everyone is gifted in the field of mathematics. If one of those people is you, then it is possible that you think you never need to use that knowledge. After all, calculators can do the job, right? Well, that won’t help during exams. You need maths tutors to educate you in math concepts you forgot or never knew existed. Arithmetic: This is the most basic mathematics term but not many people remember what it actually means. In essence, every exercise you did up until high school was arithmetic in nature. Every timetable, every long division, every subtraction was an arithmetic problem. That is because arithmetic involves the calculation of pure numbers. You can expect maths tutors to enforce this concept just in case you forget. That may be more times than you are willing to concede, because it can be very easy to do. You just have to hope your maths tutors don’t spring surprise quizzes on you. At least you will know what it means when you have to do a long multiplication to solve one part of a four-part question.  Calculus is one of the more infuriating and confusing concepts of mathematics. Even if you had five maths tutors drilling you with every aspect of the term, you may end up forgetting everything within five minutes. The basic definition is that calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with other concepts such as limits, derivatives, definite and indefinite integrals, and power series. For example, a power series is a series that represents a function as a polynomial that has no highest power of ‘x’. If that already hurts your brain, then there is a chance that you won’t get any of the other minor concepts within calculus. All the maths tutors in the world can’t help you if that’s the case.  Trigonometry: Otherwise known as ‘trig’, this involves the study of triangles in a mathematics sense. More specifically, it involves the calculations of sides and angles. There are six rules within trigonometry that you have to understand: sine, cosine, tangent, cosecant, secant, and cotangent. Each of these rules can be difficult to remember and maths tutors can only do so much. The best you could hope for in that case is to practice each one until you can recite them off the top of your head. Even then, exam time can wipe your memory clean through panic alone. Probability: This isn’t something exclusive to mathematics and exams. After all, you can make wild guesses of probability in your everyday life. Your maths tutors Hoppers Crossing, however, will insist that you pay attention. Probability in mathematics often involves complex calculations. Generally, the number of outcomes in an event is divided by the number of outcomes in a sample space. There are several minor calculations to make within, however. It depends on the situation and the question.  


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