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What are the Best Ingredients Used in a Relaxation Shot
The best addiction relaxation shot aims to offer immediate relief to stress. Its main goal is to boost mood, enhance focus and get rid of stress. Note that a good shot uses a non-drowsy formula which is safe to use anytime. You can use it to de-stress while you are at work, enjoying your spare time, or roaming around town without. One of the most essential ingredients used in safe relaxation shots is Valerian root. This refers to a native Asian and European plant. Its root is useful in treating anxiety, headaches, arthritis and digestive problems. It can also help you relax. Another popular ingredient usually included in the shot is GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid). It refers to an amino acid which sends a message to your brain to activate pathways that can help reduce your anxiety. L-Theanine, which is present in most relaxation shots also improves the effectiveness of the product to you anyone relax. This amino acid naturally found in green tea is capable of reducing physical and mental stress. It also produces a feeling of calmness and relaxation while boosting your mood and cognition. Another good ingredient of a reliable shot is a natural amino acid called 5-HTP. It is a precursor to serotonin. It produces a calming feeling in your body to make you feel more relaxed.  

Can a relaxation shot help you relax better at night?

A relaxation drink like miniCHILL after hours can help a person relax better when stress levels get high. Taking relaxation supplements when you get a bit stressed out can help you get through your days much easier. Does taking a short relaxation beverage break at work sound like something that could improve your day? Then miniCHILL might just be the drink for you. Here’s the catch though. Not all relaxation supplements are created equal. MiniCHILL contains no melatonin, so unlike other “similar products,” it won’t make you drowsy. Many other drinks require multiple shots and can cause sleepiness and/or drowsiness. However miniCHILL’s relaxation beverages will keep you going throughout your busy day and night. Besides de-stressing, there are many advantages to miniCHILL’s relaxation drinks. A noticeable boost in concentration and focus are a few of the many edges you will gain with miniCHILL at your disposal. Our recipe is the only one on the market to contain our proprietary Relarian™ formula. All of miniCHILL’s relaxation shots contain a special blend of herbs ingredients such as GABA, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, and 5-HTP. This special blend not only keeps you going but also keeps your mood high. MiniCHILL is the most convenient way to de-stress. With only a spare minute you can lower stress for the rest of your day while at work or out with friends. MiniCHILL only uses the highest quality natural ingredients to keep their products reliable and safe for everyone. Remember not all relaxation supplements are created equal. Choose miniCHILL for your relaxation needs. MiniCHILL will let you have the relaxing life you have always wanted. So why not sit back, put your feet up and have one of miniCHILL’s many relaxation beverages and enjoy your new stress free lifestyle.  


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